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hi, my name is Zuniga. Here i’m going to tell my life story and some of my greatest and worst experiences. I was born and raised in Neosho Missouri graduated Neosho high school there then went on to college in Miami Oklahoma (North Eastern A&M College) I mainly went to shoot for music but ended up just going for the basics, of course I made friends that were into partying a lot so my college career didn’t last too long about a year and half to be exact I basically hung out with friends or watched Netflix all day and drank every night you know typical college life you drink you get laid and so on, I dropped out after a year and a half and moved back home to Neosho and went to work at a chicken plant which really sucked but it was money especially since I was a college drop out with no money there was nothing really fun about that job you had chicken crap all over you everyday and smelled you made sure you scrubbed real good when you got home everyday not the best days of my life. I worked with the chicken plant for about two years then moved to north Dakota with my parents I was around 22 yrs at the time I felt like a loser but I want to move on and my parents could help me do just that, I lived in north Dakota for almost two years I lived in North Dakota the majority of the time then ended up in Hawley Minnesota I liked it there in Hawley good little small town but I felt ready to chase after my dreams I wasn’t getting any younger I felt like I was losing out on my life so I got a hold of a friend of mine from college he lives down in Orlando Fl he’s a big performer for Disney there and my dream was to become an actor and make and write film so I moved down there thinking he’d show me all the big tips of acting, unfortunately he wasnt the main landlord so i met the landlord when i got there I didn’t have a job before I went down there so once I made it there I started looking for a job of course that was my first mistake I searched everywhere for one finally after a month of living there I finally found a job opening for the universal studios water park and AMC Theaters I was just waiting for them to call me back, but unfortunately the landlord didn’t like the fact I was living there without paying rent so he have me until that following weekend to find a place to stay I couldn’t find a place so I had to find a homeless shelter, we found one downtown Orlando but realized after they left it was actually under construction they just didn’t update it on the web so I sat in the police parking lot until I figured out what I was going to do, my best friend Jodi from college found out balling her eyes out wanted me to go live with her at her house so her and another friend bought me a plane ticket back to Arkansas and I stayed with her for a little while until I could get me an apartment of my own now ive got a 12 hr shift job working three days a week living in a beautiful apartment complex and nice neighborhood everybodys nice. so no matter where you are in life don’t ever give up because you never know where your hard work can lead you if you really try. that’s how all the rich people in this world got where they are is putting everything they had into what they wanted they may gone through hell to get there but I think being homeless and going hell teaches you a valuable lesson, it teaches you one to open your eyes and realize whats right in front of you and two teaches you to cherish the little things in life no matter what you have or get be thankful that you have them, i’m glad I didn’t grow up with rich parents, because if you work for what you get you take more care of it if its just handed to you, you think eh I didn’t buy this so I don’t care. so enjoy the little things as much as you can, and live everyday like we don’t have another day to live!

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